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Turmares avistamiento de ballenas y definesTuramares - whale watching in Tarifa
Currently, these tasks are complemented with participation in scientific and informative projects related to marine conservation , developed in conjunction with government agencies ( Ministries of Environment and Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Provincial Cadiz , etc. . ) and in collaboration with internationally renowned companies related to the protection and conservation of cetaceans (National Geographic, BBC, Spanish cetacean Society , etc. . ) , providing support and intervention in numerous courses , conferences and international conferences related to this matter .


Aventura Marina, avistamiento de ballenas y definesWahle Watch Tarifa - whale watching in Tarifa
Whale Watching is a tourist and educational activity that involves going out to sea to the location and identification of whales and dolphins that live and ply the Strait of Gibraltar.
This unique, recently described as Natural Park enclave are three species of dolphins : Common, Bottlenose List and living with common Calderones round. In addition, sperm whales can be observed for most of the year. The Orcas we observe in July and August, and fin whales through the Straits on their migration route between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


FRS, Ferry trayecto Tarifa-TángerFRS - Ferries from Tarifa
FRS is a shipping company that offers its customers the best services of fast ferries in the Strait of Gibraltar. With Trips to Morocco and travel between the different ports of the Strait every day.

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